Apple external display: Everything you need to know

Finally, Apple has announced its new external display at WWDC, the Pro Display XDR. With new specs, ports, and a fancy new screen, here's everything you need to know about the Pro Display XDR!

The basic specs

The new Apple external display is a Retina 6K display, with a 32-inch LCD display that has 20 million pixels! Here's a rundown of the other important specs:

  • 31.6 inches measure diagonally
  • 6K resolution
  • HDR capability
  • Low reflectivity
  • 1,000 nits brightness with 1,600 nits peak
  • 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio
  • P3 color gamut
  • Thunderbolt 3


The brightness of the Pro Display XDR is pretty impressive. It can run consistently at 1000 nits!

Up to six Pro Display XDR

With Thunderbolt 3 and the newly announced Mac Pro, you can run up to six Pro Display XDR at once, meaning you can have access to a landscape of 120 million pixels!

Pro Stand

Every great monitor needs a great stand, and the Pro Stand is sold separately from the Pro Display XDR. The Pro Stand gives you the ability to better articulate and find the perfect position for your workspace. You'll be able to adjust the tilt, height, and rotation — that's right, it can be in portrait orientation!

Price and availability

The Pro Display XDR will be approximately $4,999 just for the display itself. If you want the Pro Stand it's an extra $999. The Pro Stand and the Pro Display XDR will be available to order in Fall 2019.

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  • rofl Apple tried to hide the stand was an additional $1000. a $5k and $6k monitor that doesn't come WITH a stand.... wow apple. the entire crowd moaned when they tried to slide that in and move on VERY VERY QUICKLY. didn't work apple. people saw what you did there. pathetic. a new low for apple.
  • Might be a new low, but Apple was already low in terms of their pricing, there's no hiding that Apple are, and have been, trying to get every single dollar out of their customers as much as possible. The consumer has the ultimate control, because if no one buys it, they'll be forced to reduce the price or sell it with the stand. It already hurt me that I had to pay over £1000 for a new iPhone, I can't see myself upgrading it every 2 years if the pricing stays like this
  • Keep in mind, equivalent monitors available for sale now are in the $20k+ range, so selling a 6k monitor with those specs for $5k is VERY affordable for those that need it. And while some will use whatever stand a monitor comes with, most professionals that will use this type of monitor have their own mounting hardware. I have at least 6 Apple monitor stands sitting unused in storage. If not including the stand shaves $1k off the cost of the monitor, all the better.
  • I was hoping for something a little more consumer based in the monitor department from apple. Charging a grand for the stand is a massive low, really? Com'on apple. Even your trusted gathering in the audience GROANED when you announced that. Also, they cheered when you showed the portrait mode? Really people? every monitor I have owned from 2007 onward (except my 27" cinema monitor) did that. My touchscreen dell does that now, plus, the stand was included at no extra charge. A 2000 dollar 27" monitor would almost make me buy one for a second monitor. But, ALAS, it was not meant to be. They also ran with the "cheesegrater" design of the last pro tower. I think it looks fantastic. Now, make a 27" pro monitor with a regular 5K display from the imac included, with a regular stand and I am actually in.