Apple to face yet another fine in the Netherlands, still doesn't comply with App Store laws

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What you need to know

  • Apple is going to be fined by Dutch authorities again.
  • It will be the tenth penalty handed down for failing to comply with new app store laws.
  • Apple had submitted a fresh plan to comply but it wasn't enough.

Apple is set to receive its tenth fine from Dutch competition authorities despite fresh attempts to comply with app store laws in the country.

As reported by Reuters:

Apple (AAPL.O) is set to be hit with another fine next week for not fully complying with an order to open its App Store to rival forms of payment for dating apps in the Netherlands, Dutch antitrust watchdog ACM told Reuters.

Apple is already on the hook for $49 million, having received 9 five million euro fines from the ACM. Law changes in the country mean that Apple now has to let dating apps on its iOS platform offer users alternative payment methods aside from in-app purchases. The move would be a big break from the current App Store model that powers all of Apple's best iPhones, such as iPhone 12 and iPhone 13.

Apple's previous fines were all related to its attempt to comply by forcing developers to create entirely new separate apps that offered alternative purchasing while stating it would still take 27% commission from the transactions.

Last week it emerged that Apple had submitted a new proposal to comply, however, it seems it still hasn't been enough to satisfy the ACM, hence the impending tenth penalty the company is about to be slapped with. No details have emerged about the new proposals or how they differed from the previous offering.

Apple is set to come under further pressure on the continent, following the news that lawmakers in the EU have agreed on the new Digital Markets Act which will force Apple to open up its ecosystem even more, especially when it comes to messaging interoperability and third-party payments.

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