Apple Website CoronavirusSource: iMore

What you need to know

  • Apple has updated its France and UK website homepages.
  • Both now feature official government information regarding the coronavirus pandemic.
  • It has also added coronavirus information from the NHS to Apple TV in the UK.

Apple has updated its France and UK homepages to include government guidance regarding the coronavirus pandemic.

As reported by MacGeneration:

It is the turn of the French site of Apple to relay the advice of the Government in matters of protection against the COVID-19. The home page links to the official video already offered in the News widget and on the App Store.

In Europe, the home of the British site Apple also directs to content from the government and the National Health Service. In this country, Apple TV and its TV app are used to transmit video instructions. In France, Apple has not (yet?) Used its TV box as a support, no message relating to the coronavirus appears there.

Apple Site CoronavirusSource: iMore

As you can see above, the Apple Store website in the UK now includes an embedded NHS video, below the French website contains a similar public health message from the government.

French SiteSource: MacGeneration

Finally, Apple has added content from the government and the NHS to its UK Apple TV homepage on both the app and the Apple TV unit.

Apple TvSource: MacGeneration

As the report notes, despite suffering heavily from the pandemic, Spain and Italy have not received any similar updates to their sites. In fact, it appears that no other European Apple homepages make reference to the news. Apple has previously added plenty of coronavirus information to several of its services including the news app. It has also launched a COVID-19 website and app of its own to assist people in the US. Apple has also updated its US homepage to include a direct link to this service.