Apple Glass Concept SpecsSource: the Hacker 34

What you need to know

  • Apple Glass has been rumored for years.
  • This concept shows how cool it could be.
  • Maybe not the Steve Jobs Edition, though.

Apple's interest in AR glasses isn't anything new and we recently saw Jon Prosser suggesting they might not be far off a launch. Now we've been treated to a concept video showing how amazing they could be. Could.

We obviously know very little about what Apple Glass will offer but this concept video builds on what we've seen suggested already – including a LiDAR Scanner for fancy depth sensing and virtual swiping.

Check it out.

Now, I've been more than skeptical as to whether there's a market for Apple Glass, but this video has me convinced that there's something to the idea of glasses that can see and then interpret swipes in thin air. That LiDAR Scanner could be the real deal when it's inside a pair of glasses and I'm curious to see where Apple takes Apple Glass. Assuming it takes it anywhere, of course.

But Steve Jobs Edition Apple Glass? That's a step too far, I'm afraid.

Do you think you'd spend the rumored $499 to get your hands on Apple Glass?