Hacket Apple Hardware CalendarSource: Stephen Hackett

What you need to know

  • Blogger and podcaster Stephen Hackett has created a calendar based on important dates in Apple history.
  • You can buy the calendar and some gorgeous photos on Kickstarter.

Blogger and podcaster Stephen Hackett owns more than 150 Macs and it's fair to say he knows more about Apple's hardware history than most people. But what do you do with all that knowledge? You use it to create the Apple Hardware Calendar, obviously.

Maybe not "obviously," but this is the calendar we all didn't know we wanted but now absolutely need in our lives. Created for 2022, the calendar has a bunch of things going for it. That starts with the important Apple hardware dates that are included on the calendar itself, ensuring you won't miss the date when the PowerBook G4 was announced. As if you ever could!

The top portion of the calendar has photos of just some of the hardware that Hackett has collected over the years, with imagery also available on 4x6 prints, depending on how much you pledge.

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$42 or more is what's needed to get the calendar, a digital wallpaper pack, some stickers, and those 4x6 prints and you can back the whole thing on Kickstarter now. The project has already blown through its modest target and will no doubt continue to do well.

Whether you're reading this on an M1 MacBook Pro or something a little more vintage, this is the wall calendar for you.

Has all of this hardware talk got you itching for some of your own? Check out these iPhone deals and bag yourself a new iPhone while saving some money. Then use the money you saved to buy a calendar!