Apple has bought more than 100 companies in the last six years

Tim Cook
Tim Cook (Image credit: Apple)

What you need to know

  • Apple CEO Tim Cook has told shareholders the company bought more than 100 companies in the last six years.
  • That means it made an acquisition on average every three or four weeks.
  • Cook also addressed antitrust issues, regulations, politics, and more.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has told shareholders the company has made over 100 acquisitions in the last six years, at the rate of one every three or four weeks.

Noted by the BBC:

Apple has acquired about 100 companies over the last six years, the company's chief executive Tim Cook has revealed.That works out at a company every three to four weeks, he told Apple's annual meeting of shareholders on Tuesday.

Speaking at the annual shareholders' meeting, Cook addressed many different issues and questions. As transcribed by 9to5Mac, Cook said that whilst there was "enormous benefit" to getting teams together in the office, he was incredibly impressed with Apple's resiliency, innovation, and creativity over the last year.

Speaking about regulation and the App Store, Cook stated:

"In a little over a decade, the App Store has delivered a software revolution for users and an economic miracle for millions of entrepreneurs, creators, small businesses, and successful larger developers. Our focus now is to carry forward the success of the App Store ecosystem and make it even stronger through efforts like the App Store Small Business Program.Apple doesn't have a dominant position in any market we compete in. Not in any product category, not in any service category, and not in software or apps. This competitive marketplace pushes all of us to be better. So while scrutiny is always fair, accusations like these fall apart after a reasonable examination of the facts."

Cook also spoke about recent weather events in Texas, and said that he saw "opportunity" looking ahead to 2021 and that Apple had never had a better lineup of products with "a greater degree of future potential".

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