Powerbeats ProSource: Beats

What you need to know

  • MediaTek has joined Apple's supply chain for its Beats headphones.

Apple has a new Beats component supplier in the form of Taiwanese company MediaTek.

From GizmoChina:

Taiwanese fabless semiconductor company, MediaTek has just made a big entry into Apple's supply chain for Beats headphones, according to sources familiar with the matter. Apple is the parent company of Beats and its headset factories.

MediaTek was chosen by Beats to produce some important components for its headphones, according to reports. This is the first time MediaTek has had this kind of supply collaboration with Apple as a sole supplier of some components for Apple's products. At this time, it is yet unclear what specific components the company will be supplying. It is expected that the first orders from Apple will ship as early as February 2021 -that is according to industry insiders.

According to this report, Apple could sell a "similar" amount of Beats headphones as it could iPhones in 2021. The implications of which are a "huge sales outlay" for MediaTek.

A Taiwanese, semiconductor company, MediaTek makes chips for smartphones and tablets as well televisions, making 1.5 billion devices in 2018.

Apple and Beats recently unveiled brand new PowerBeats Pro in partnership with fragment. From that report:

Beats today announced a new collaboration with fragment design that has resulted in the only Powerbeats Pro you should be looking to buy. The new black-on-black design looks stunning.

If you're looking at picking up a pair of Powerbeats Pro, you need to check this color out before placing any orders.

In their latest collaboration, Beats and fragment design have brought Hiroshi Fujiwara's elegant, minimalist approach to the Powerbeats Pro. The sleek, black-on-black design features the iconic double lightning logo on one earbud with FRGMT branding on the other. The inside of the charging case also has the same black-on-black design marked by the double lightning.