AirPods Pro HeroSource: iMore

What you need to know

  • Apple has released a firmware update for the AirPods Pro.
  • Firmware version 2D15 replaces version 2C54 or 2B588.
  • The update only applies to AirPods Pro and not the regular AirPods.

Apple has released a firmware update for its AirPods Pro wireless headphones. Reported by MacRumors, the company has upgraded the firmware for the headphones from version 2C54 or 2B588 to 2D15.

It is currently not clear what the benefits of the firmware update address. Apple does not release notes for firmware updates as they do for software updates, so the reason for the newest update is a mystery to everyone except Apple.

The update will hopefully fix some of the issues that AirPods Pro owners have been reporting. Some have been experiencing issues with getting Active Noise Cancellation to work, whereas others have reported a "rattling" sound when using the headphones in a more active setting.

There is also no way to manually update the firmware for your AirPods Pro like you can for when Apple updates its software. The update normally occurs when your AirPods Pro is in the case, charging, and within close distance of your iPhone. For most of us, our headphones will most likely update while everything is charging overnight.

If you want to check to see if your AirPods Pro is running the latest firmware, you can check the firmware number by navigating to Settings > General > About > AirPods > Firmware Version.

Firmware updates for AirPods normally include performance improvements and bug fixes, so we will hopefully begin to see those who were experiencing some issues report that their problems are now fixed. Today's update also only applies to the AirPods Pro and not the regular AirPods.