Apple highlights apps featuring Joker as new film hits theaters

What you need to know

  • Apple is celebrating the Joker movie by highlighting games and apps that feature the villain.
  • Some of the games include Injustice 2 and Batman: The Enemy Within.
  • Apple also highlights DC Universe and DC Comics.

To celebrate the release of Joaquin Phoenix's new Joker movie, Apple has published a story (opens in new tab) that highlights some of the best games that feature the Clown Prince of Crime.

Apple also highlights DC Universe (opens in new tab) and DC Comics (opens in new tab), where fans can enjoy some of the villain's most essential appearances.

That face. That suit. That bloodcurdling laugh. Few villains have captivated comic book fans quite like the Joker. And with the arrival of his new film, there's no better time to enjoy the many side of DC's Clown Prince of Crime with these great apps.

Some of the games include Injustice 2 (opens in new tab), DC Legends: Battle for Justice (opens in new tab), Batman: The Enemy Within (opens in new tab), and LEGO Batman: DC Super Heroes (opens in new tab).

As for the movie, it's an original story that brings audiences back to the 1980s and into the mind of Arthur Fleck, who turns to a life of crime as Gotham City descends into chaos. The Joker film is in theaters now.