Apple hires Cyber Paint developer for continued VR goodness

The high-end VR market has some amazing VR painting and drawing applications such as Google's Tilt Brush and Oculus' Medium. You can create 3D modules, animations, lush environments all whilst you are inside the medium itself rather than just looking at a flat computer monitor. For the more entry-level VR segment, Cyber Paint is the go-to, immerse-yourself-in-your-creation VR painting application on headsets like the Oculus Go and the HTC Vive Focus.

Apple really wants VR/AR on its platforms

Apple has long been known as a premier platform for content creators. It seems that Apple does not want to be left behind in that regard in the VR/AR space, and as such it has hired Sterling Crispin, the developer behind Cyber Paint.According to Variety:

Apple hired Crispin in May as a prototyping researcher. The company didn't immediately respond to a request for comment, but it's no secret that Apple has been investing heavily into AR and VR development. Recent reports indicated that the company may be working on a combined AR / VR headset that could ship in 2020.

Final thoughts

As some of you may know I'm a big proponent of the VR/AR scene and I'm giddy with anticipation for whatever Apple can come up with in that space in terms of hardware. Apple keeps on adding more and more resources to that segment so I'm hoping for some amazing things.

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What about you? What are your thoughts about Apple and VR/AR? Let us know in the comments!

Anthony Casella