Apple included a fun Easter egg in this iPhone event supercut video

What you need to know

  • Apple's supercut video of its 2019 event includes a fun Easter egg.
  • The "Blue Screen of Death" features a hidden message.
  • When translated, the message reads: "So you took the time to translate this? We love you."

If you watch the above Apple event supercut video, you might notice a peculiar frame at 1:25. What looks like a fun jab at Microsoft's "Blue Screen of Death" is also a fun Easter egg for diehard Apple fans.

If you pause the video at just the right moment, it will show a random message with a string of random numbers.

This is just a thought. But it might be nice to have some sort of Easter egg message in here for the hard core Apple fans that will stop the video.

And those numbers? It's a hidden message. If you translate the string of binary, it reads: "So you took the time to translate this? We love you." Cheeky.

The message appears as Apple is comparing the new 10.2-inch iPad to the best-selling Windows PC laptop. You can bet that's not a coincidence.

Check out the video for yourself. And don't forget to catch up on everything Apple announced at its 2019 September event.

Brandon Russell