Apple makes 8GB of RAM standard in all configurations of 13-inch MacBook Air

In addition to a refreshed 12-inch MacBook, Apple has also announced that it will be bumping all 13-inch MacBook Air configurations to include 8GB of RAM. Previously Apple charged $100 to upgrade to 8GB from the base 4GB option. This change does not affect the base 11-inch model, as that will still have 4GB of RAM to start.

From Apple's refreshed 12-inch MacBook announcement (opens in new tab):

Apple also today made 8GB of memory standard across all configurations of the 13-inch MacBook Air.

The $100 savings on upgrading the RAM makes the MacBook Air an even more enticing purchase for someone looking for ultra-portable without sacrificing all the speed and power.

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  • I wish they had increased the SSD storage. That one really costs a lot. You'd expect the prices would have gone down during the last 3 years. But nope. Apple still charges the same amount. Sent from the iMore App
  • That's a bit late to the party.
  • What party? There are tons of computers on the market with only 4 GB of RAM. It frustrates me since the computer I bought in 2008 had 4 GB of RAM, but somehow that has remained an industry standard for entry level RAM. Granted, at the Mac prices, 8 GB should have been standard before, but Microsoft plays the same game with the Surface and there are other higher priced units that still start at 4 GB.
  • This is likely one of the final updates to the Air line before the new MacBook line eats it for dinner in the next year or so. Sent from the iMore App
  • seems crazy because whenever i'm out i noticed the macbook is by far the least common i see. I rarely see them. I see mostly macbook pros and airs. The air is what seems super popular.
  • Well of course you do, the new Macbook has only been out a year, the pros and airs have been out infinitely longer...... The Air is a dead product walking, it amazes me they have kept it going, I fully expected them to kill it this year and expand the new Macbook to 12" and 14" sizes. Now, they are going to get destroyed in the market by far better value, far better machines like the new Samsung Notebook 9.
  • No... Apple tends to keep a Sub $1,000 computer around. That is why it still exists as the Macbook is far and above $1,000. Until they bring the Macbook price down, the Macbook Air will stay around. Of course I think when the iPad Pro truly becomes a Laptop Replacement then the Air might disappear as with Keyboard and Pencil the iPad Pro is just under the $1,000 mark.
  • This should of been standard already.
  • Seems there might not be any real upgrade for the Macbook Air at all - I mean, why upgrade to 8Gig Standard a couple months before the rumored Retina Display upgrade.