According to multiple reports (and now confirmed by Apple on its support page), Apple's Maps app has been down for several hours for a number of users, rendering them unable to search for or get directions to a location. After opening the app, the map itself loads as it should, but when users go to search for a destination or tap on a recent destination to get directions, they receive an error message saying either "No Results Found" or "Directions Not Available."

This issue seems to affect the Apple Maps app no matter which device it's being used on, including Apple Watch, CarPlay, and Mac. As 9to5Mac points out, this is especially tough for CarPlay users, as CarPlay doesn't yet support third-party maps services.

Since Apple has acknowledged the problem and confirmed that it is occurring for all users, it should be fixed on the company's end as soon as possible. Until then, if you're accustomed to using Maps on your smartphone (or are open to doing so as an alternative), you can try downloading a different maps app from the App Store by tapping the links below.


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