Apple Maps now lets you browse the new Apple Park campus in all its 3D glory

When you've got a quick second, launch Apple Maps or utter the phrase, "Hey Siri, show me Apple Park in Cupertino, California," and check out the nifty 3D renderings of Apple's new campus. It's not clandestine 4K drone footage, but it gives you a sense of the detailed structures currently being built by the company.

Along with the massive circular structure (that features a perfectly circular pond in its inner ring), you can see several other buildings and landmarks. Notably, the Steve Jobs Theater sits off to one side and the rendering shows the overhanging circular roof and the raised areas beneath. You can also see the massive parking structures and the ramps that lead up to them.

The satellite imagery isn't quite as clean and crisp as the new 3D renderings, but they're certainly worth checking out as well. You can get an idea of the massive construction effort by counting the dozens of cranes on the property. It also helps you get an idea of just how big these structures are in comparison to the tiny cars parked all over the site.

Apple Park on Apple Maps (Image credit: Apple)

By the way, if you're not in California and want to check out the renderings, be sure to add "Cupertino, California" to your search query. When I searched for "Apple Park" (I live in the Midwest), Apple Maps showed me an orchard in Kansas.

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