Apple Store Down

UPDATE: Nothing for iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad owners to see here... unless you're also in the market for new Core i5/i7 MacBook Pros. Apple's got your press release and new MacBook Pro product pages ready. Now how about those international iPad pre-orders?

Here we go again -- the Apple Online Store is down! As Apple's strange and unique mix of old WebObjects technology and pre-launch hype bring it's online sales to a sticky noted halt, we're left to speculate as to what wondrous new gear may await us when it returns.

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Bad news -- it's probably nothing iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch related. iPad's already out and we won't see new iPhones before June/July or new iPod touch before September.

Good news -- rumor has it if you've been holding our for a new Core i5/i7 MacBook Pro you might be in for a treat.

Who knows though, could just be a new version of Apple Remote Desktop (or routine maintenance).

What are you hoping for?

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