Updated: Apple releases New MacBook Pros [Apple Online Store down!]

UPDATE: Nothing for iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad owners to see here... unless you're also in the market for new Core i5/i7 MacBook Pros. Apple's got your press release (opens in new tab) and new MacBook Pro product pages (opens in new tab) ready. Now how about those international iPad pre-orders?

Here we go again -- the Apple Online Store is down! As Apple's strange and unique mix of old WebObjects technology and pre-launch hype bring it's online sales to a sticky noted halt, we're left to speculate as to what wondrous new gear may await us when it returns.

Bad news -- it's probably nothing iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch related. iPad's already out and we won't see new iPhones before June/July or new iPod touch before September.

Good news -- rumor has it if you've been holding our for a new Core i5/i7 MacBook Pro you might be in for a treat.

Who knows though, could just be a new version of Apple Remote Desktop (or routine maintenance).

What are you hoping for?

Rene Ritchie

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  • Do you ever sleep Rene? ;)
  • i7 MacBook ... OMFG!!!!!!
  • I'm hoping we finally get iPad pre-orders in Canada. It's been long enough and I want my iPad! Haha!
  • International iPad release? UK please!!
  • New Macbooks for sure
  • I didn't know with the store being down and all- it would affect knowing the status of iPad 3G shipping (if shipped or not). :-(  At this rate looks like "Late April" indicates last week in April... Ouch. APPLE SEND THE 400,000 plus IPAD 3G's out already. Preferably with 4.0 on it. Thanks
  • I've been waiting for the new 17" MacBooks but have been hoping for touch keyboard and trackpad (BIG glass slab). So, yes, I'm hoping for it... but not if it's just another similar model as the current one.
  • When you phone apple on the UK line product no.2 is "THE REVOLUTIONARY IPAD" So yeah :) woo
  • PS, which was not the case before :)
  • They are here rumors were right. New MacBook pros! I7 and i5
  • The store is back up
  • Sd card slots too
  • Poop, Should maybe have went all the way through the menu :(
  • That doesn't run iPhone OS.
  • Anyone know if Macbook Airs will EVER get an update?
  • How come the 13" models do not get a i5 or i7 CPU...
  • Via @sambrown, Called the UK Apple Store: "For the magical and revolutionary new iPad and accessories, Press 2." http://mb.bz/1m - Rep said not until May. < eek
  • Sooooo disappointed! Where's the bluray drive? I guess I won't be buying a new MacBook today! :(
  • Thats exactly what I was thinking Scoob, No friggin Blu-Ray drive.
  • How is Apple claiming nvidia optimus as "breakthrough technology from Apple" when Asus already has full lines of notebooks using it?
  • Wasn't Blu-Ray on Steve's "bag 'o hurt" list? They want you to buy HD movies from iTunes.
  • always at the wrong time
    last time i purchased my ipod touch for 229 a month later, they reduced to 179, then i bought my macbook pro 1199, n it not been more than abut 4 to 5 months. Now they have updated with new macbook pro, that too with additional hard disk(250 over 120)
    ram 4gb over 2gb on the basic ones... n forget about the rest of them. I was always complaining about the disk size and the ram memory... i'm running windows too on my mac via bootcamp and it has taken an extra 50 gb space, so currently got just 28 gb of free space n that sucks....
    thankfully i still own the 3gs n there is no further upgrade so far y
  • Hang. Check around on the Internet. I'm sure there are plenty of tutorials to upgrade both of those for you.
  • These Macbooks look like they're finally going to be competitively FAST for once. :)
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