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What you need to know

  • Apple Pay has arrived in Argentina and Peru.
  • It means Apple users in both countries can pay for goods with iPhone and Apple Watch.
  • It also means they can use Apple Pay online at a host of websites.

Apple Pay has arrived in both Argentina and Peru.

First reported by pisapapeles, both countries now officially support one of the best iPhone and Apple Watch features available. Customers in both Argentina and Peru can now pay for items out and about with devices like the iPhone 13 and Apple Watch Series 7, as well as online at a host of websites.

iMore has confirmed the Apple website now officially states that the services is available in Argentina, Costa Rica, and Peru.

The banks support in each country are reported as follows:

Peru: * Banco de Credito del Perú (BCP) * BBVA Bank Peru * International Bank of Peru – Interbank * Rappi Bank Peru * Scotiabank Peru S.A.A.

Argentina * Banco de Galicia S.A. * Banco Macro S.A. * Banco Patagonia S.A. * BBVA Argentina * Brubank * Industrial & Commercial Bank of China (ICBC)

Apple first confirmed that the service was on the way to both countries back in January.

It follows the release of iOS 15.4 earlier this week, where Apple has added a brand new way to use Apple Pay between iPhones, with one device serving as a contactless terminal that can accept payments. From February:

Apple today announced plans to introduce Tap to Pay on iPhone. The new capability will empower millions of merchants across the US, from small businesses to large retailers, to use their iPhone to seamlessly and securely accept Apple Pay, contactless credit and debit cards, and other digital wallets through a simple tap to their iPhone — no additional hardware or payment terminal needed. Tap to Pay on iPhone will be available for payment platforms and app developers to integrate into their iOS apps and offer as a payment option to their business customers. Stripe will be the first payment platform to offer Tap to Pay on iPhone to their business customers, including the Shopify Point of Sale app this spring.

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