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Workers had been told they would lose healthcare and pay, however, this seems not to be the case.

What you need to know

  • A report claims Apple will pay its Apple Park contractors during a shutdown in California.
  • That's despite previous claims employees were told they would lose wages and health care.
  • Apple employs thousands of contractors at its Apple Park campus.

A report claims that Apple will pay contractors who work on its Apple Park campus during a shutdown in California, despite reports to the contrary.

According to the Wall Street Journal

Hundreds of Apple Inc. contract workers at its Silicon Valley campus were told in recent days that their jobs would be suspended without pay as the tech giant curtails work at the offices amid the coronavirus outbreak. But on Monday, a company spokeswoman said Apple plans to pay the hourly workers.

The report notes that contractors had previously told around 75% of its unionized janitors that they would lose wages and health-care benefits. The union represents around 11,000 janitors in Northern California.

However, Apple spokeswoman Kristin Huguet has since stated that Apple is coordinating with its suppliers to make sure all hourly workers get paid:

"We're working with all of our suppliers to ensure hourly workers such as janitorial staff are being paid during this difficult time."

Apple further stated it was unclear why some contractors were told they would be losing their jobs after being called to an Apple office at the weekend. Apple will also pay its bus drivers who ferry workers to and from its campuses in Cupertino. Two companies who supply transport to Apple had told about a hundred drivers that they too would be laid off because "Apple' hadn't committed to paying those drivers." The report claims Apple committed to paying the drivers in mid-March.

It sounds like there have definitely been some crossed wires, hopefully, Apple's clarification on the matter will mean all involved and affected can continue to support themselves.