What you need to know

  • Apple has won a UN Climate Action Award.
  • The UN noted Apple's push to use 100% renewable energy.
  • 14 other projects and companies were also awarded the prize.

The United Nations has awarded 15 projects around the world with a 2019 Global Climate Action Award, with Apple being one of the recipients.

The awards recognize ground-breaking projects that are "some of the world's best and brightest solutions to climate change." Apple joins other global technology companies alongside more local projects on the list of awardees.

Niclas Svenningsen, Manager of the UN Climate Change Global Climate Action Program said that the awards "shine a light" on "incredible examples of scalable climate action around the world." Apple was singled out for its use of 100% renewable energy.

Apple is on a mission to make its products without taking from the Earth. It has transitioned to 100% renewable energy for the electricity it uses in its offices, retail stores and data centres in 43 countries across the world, and currently is transitioning its entire supply chain to 100% renewable energy.

the UN also noted that Apple isn't only keeping its own house in order, but is encouraging others to do the same, too.

Apple has partnered with nine companies, among them Fujitsu, Ikea, Microsoft, Patagonia and Sony, to formally encourage the Japanese government to promote corporate renewable energy. In addition, Apple is promoting the creation of a renewable energy credit market in China, as part of the Green Electricity Consumption Cooperative towards climate neutrality.

Apple continues its push to be an ever-more environmentally friendly company, something that is highlighted by its use of recycled materials across its product range.