Apple Podcasts app showing off iMore Show with AirPods on red tableclothSource: Christine Romero-Chan / iMore

What you need to know

  • Apple Podcasts will tell creators how many people follow shows and more from next month.
  • Podcasters will get information on how their follower numbers change over time.

Apple Podcasts is going to begin giving creators a raft of new metrics that will tell them how many people follow their shows and more. The new metrics will kick in next month.

The metrics that podcast creators will soon be able to see will depend on them having an Apple Podcasts Connect account, THR notes. Assuming that's squared away creators will see how many people are following their shows, how those numbers have changed over the last week and other time periods, and more.

On Apple Podcasts, listeners are able to follow their favorite shows to receive alerts when new episodes become available. As part of the rollout, all creators with an Apple Podcasts Connect account will be able to see how many followers they have per show and monitor the number of new followers earned over the last week, month, 60 days and all time. Other updated metrics will include the time audiences have spent listening to their respective shows and episodes with a percentage breakdown of listeners who are or are not followers of the show.

Notably, none of this information will be publicly available which means that only creators will see how their shows are doing. The move comes a year after Apple also announced podcast subscriptions that allow creators to monetize their work. That announcement came with more metrics to allow creators to see how long people listened to episodes and today's announcement builds on that.

All of this will only apply to people who use the Apple Podcasts app, of course. It may or may not be the best iPhone, iPad, and Mac app for listening to podcasts — but it will now at least give creators more data to work with from April.