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What you need to know

  • Jon Prosser has hot new info about Apple's latest headphones.
  • He says that Apple is aiming to launch a pair of over-ear headphones at WWDC.
  • He also says that AirPods X are coming later this year for sport and running.

Man in the know Jon Prosser has hot new info about Apple's plans for new headphones, AirPods and a rumored plan to phase out Beats.

According to his latest tweet:

You ready for this?

Apple Over-Ear Headphones Codename: B515 (Think Beats 700) $350 Aimed for WWDC

AirPods X Codename: B517 For sports/running (think Beats X) ~$200 Aimed for Sept/Oct

Probably what DigiTimes thought was "AirsPods Pro Lite"

End goal: phase out Beats

That's right, Prosser says that Apple is planning to release two new pairs of its own headphones this year. Firstly, a set of over-ear headphones codename 'B515'. He says we should think of 'Beats 700' (although he might mean Bose 700 there), and that Apple is aiming to release these at WWDC this year. He also claims they'll cost $350.

He also notes that Apple has a new pair of AirPods, named the AirPods X lined up for Sept/October, perhaps to coincide with a new iPhone. He claims that these are for sport/running and compares them to Beats X. Rumored price tag is roughly $200.

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The most shocking revelation? Prosser reckons that Apple's end goal is to phase out Beats altogether, which seems bizarre given how much Apple paid for Beats back in the day. But then again, perhaps Apple is keen to absorb all of Beats' technology into its own headphone ecosystem to keep the branding in line. What do you think?

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