Apple product subscription service launches in Hong Kong

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Iphone 13 Pro Sierra Blue Hero (Image credit: Christine Romero-Chan / iMore)

What you need to know

  • A new Apple product subscription service has been launched in Asia.
  • It comes from WeLab and lets users buy products from Apple authorized resellers.
  • It's called Subscribe+ for Apple Products and uses WeLab Pay.

WeLab, a fintech company in Asia, has today launched a new program that lets people buy Apple products like the iPhone 13 through a subscription service.

The company announced today:

WeLab, a leading fintech company in Asia, launches an innovative subscription program for purchasing Apple products with Apple authorized resellers - Subscribe+ for Apple Products. Customers can purchase Apple products through the subscription program using the newly launched WeLab Pay powered by WeLend platform. For as low as just HK$204 a month, customers can own the latest iPhone 13 (128GB storage), or HK$152 for a MacBook Air (256GB storage). WeLab is the first and only financial services provider in Asia offering this program for purchasing Apple products. FORTRESS is the first retail partner to offer this unique program seamlessly through its extensive network of over 70 physical branches[2] as well as its online store in Hong Kong.

The service lets people buy products through a subscription, powered by WeLab Pay. It works in FORTRESS retail locations as well as online.

The service includes a guaranteed trade-in option at the end of your term and deducts the trade-in value in advance. This means you could buy Apple's new iPad for $58/month (less than $8 US), there are no fees or upfront costs and the starting interest rate is 0%.

Users can sign up for the service at the point of sale in around 5 minutes. Plans last 24 months for iPhone and Apple Watch, and 36 months for iPad and the Mac. Customers can also choose to keep their devices by paying off the trade-in value at the end of their term.

Akin to Apple's iPhone upgrade program, WeLab says it is the first provider offering this service in Asia.

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