Apple is prompting preorder customers to get ready for their new iPhone 13

Apple Prepare For New Iphone
Apple Prepare For New Iphone (Image credit: MacRumors)

What you need to know

  • Apple is prompting preorder customers to prepare for their iPhone 13.
  • The company is prompting customers to get their current phone ready in the Settings app.
  • Going through the prompts allows you to back up to iCloud, check trade-in eligibility, and more.

Apple is so excited your iPhone 13 is coming that it wants you to prepare for it days ahead of time.

As spotted by MacRumors, Apple has begun prompting iPhone 13 preorder customers to "Get Ready for your new iPhone" at the top of the Settings app of their current iPhone.

Tapping on the prompt will take you to a new screen that shows you how to ensure that you are ready to upgrade from your current iPhone to your iPhone 13 without losing any data. There is a prompt to back up your current iPhone to iCloud and to also check and see what kind of trade-in value your current iPhone has.

After going through the prompts, Apple will back up your phone to iCloud, prompt you to trade in or recycle your current phone, and also mention that you can use your current phone to more quickly and easily set up your iPhone 13 when it arrives on Friday.

It does appear that Apple may be rolling out this prompt in waves. I personally pre-ordered the iPhone 13 mini but, upon checking the Settings app on my iPhone 12 Pro, I did not get the prompt to prepare for the arrival of my new iPhone. It's currently a prompt that only iPhone 13 customers have seen, but Apple is sure to roll it out to all iPhone customers when they order a new phone. It's too helpful not to.

The iPhone 13 will officially launch in stores and online on Friday, September 24. Along with the new iPhone, Apple is also releasing the redesigned 6th generation iPad mini and 9th generation iPad.

Joe Wituschek

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