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What you need to know

  • Apple has redesigned its Accessibility website.
  • Apple Support is also releasing a new collection of Accessibility videos.

As part of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, Apple has launched a redesign of its Accessibility site on the company's website. The redesign focuses on providing customers with disabilities the tools and resources to personalize Apple's products for their needs.

The redesign breaks the site into four sections that highlight accessibility features and the benefits they provide across all of Apple's product lineup. The new sections are as follows:

  • Vision
  • Mobility
  • Hearing
  • Cognitive

In addition to the relaunch of the Accessibility website, Apple Support is releasing a new collection of videos that teach everyone how to use some of the newest accessibility features available to users. In addition to the 20+ videos that already exist on the Accessibility playlist on the Apple Support YouTube channel, the new videos will focus on how to use Magnifier, Back Tap, and Voice Control:

  • Using Magnifier so you can better see almost anything you point your iPhone at
  • Back Tap, a quick and simple way to trigger actions or accessibility shortcuts with just a double or triple tap on the back of your iPhone
  • Turning on different user interface options when using Voice Control, an Apple technology that enables users with severe physical motor limitations or delays to control their Mac, iPhone, and iPad entirely with their voices
  • How to take a selfie with Voice Control, a video Apple worked on in collaboration with United Spinal Association

Apple Magnifier AssetSource: Apple

You can check out the redesign of Apple's Accessibility website now.

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