Iphone 12 MagsafeSource: Apple

What you need to know

  • Apple has released a guidelines document for MagSafe accessories.
  • The guidelines detail all of the requirements to make an approved MagSafe accessory.
  • Following the guidelines are important to show your accessory is safe to use with the iPhone.

Reported by MacRumors, Apple has released a PDF document in which it gives accessory makers who wish to create MagSafe compatible accessories incredibly specific instructions to do so.

The Accessory Design Guidelines detail what Apple requires from accessory makers in order to be accepted into the "Made for iPhone" accessory program, Apple's program that verifies an accessory will work with its devices from a performance and safety standpoint.

The guideline goes into specifics for those who want to make an accessory that is compatible with Apple's new MagSafe technology which it built into the back of the new iPhone 12 lineup. As explained below, the company is very exact in its requirements for even cases that want to use MagSafe.

Cases that have a MagSafe magnet, for example, must enclose the device, have a maximum thickness of 2.1mm, and must firmly attach to the device without relying on the magnets, which means no magnetic snap-on cases that won't otherwise stay attached to the iPhone.

Going further, Apple explains that cases cannot interfere with wireless charging or cards in its own Leather Wallet that has been designed for the iPhone 12.

The design document is extensive and has specific placement, dimension, and polarity instructions so that all MagSafe accessories can magnetically self align "within a 1.55mm radial maximum. Cases with magnet arrays must not interfere with either wireless charging or magnetic stripe cards in an attached iPhone Leather Wallet, and Apple has special testing protocols for vendors to use.

Following these guidelines allow companies to list their products with the "Made for iPhone" logo, an important indicator to show that your accessory is safe and compatible with Apple's devices.

If you are an accessory maker, you can check out the full guidelines on the Apple Developer website.

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