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Apple releases iAd Gallery app for iPhone

If you were hoping Apple's next iPhone and iPod touch app would be an iAd Gallery -- as opposed to say iWork for iPhone! -- you're in for a treat because that's exactly what they released today!

The iAd Gallery is a celebration of advertising, featuring iAd campaigns from some of the world's best brands and their advertising agencies. The iAd Gallery gives you easy access to a selection of the fun and informative ads that have run in some of your favorite apps. Use the Browse feature to discover ads you haven't seen, or to find those you want to see again. Even lets you tag your favorites to a Loved section that’s all your own.

Anyone super excited about this app?

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  • To fend off the inevitable comments -- we checked, the release date wasn't April 1...
  • Rene,
    Did you notice that when you're actively viewing an iAd and press the Home button, it does NOT take you back to your Home Screen. Rather, it takes you out of the iAd and back into the iAd Gallery app navigation. To my knowledge, this seems to be the only app that changes the function of the Home Button. (private API alert)
  • Sure I'll download an App to look at ads. Who wouldn't?
  • exactly. Why would anyone want to look at this?
  • most of these adds are really well executed, i downloaded this app. I played some of the mini games the adds have.
  • How there executed is irrelevant.
    I don't want to look at ads. Period. That's my point.
  • "...they're..."
  • Is it possible to upgrade to an Ad-Free version?
  • For the record, I love you. Marry me?
  • I'll marry you too!
  • well played sir
  • Brilliant!!
    Being based in the UK, for once I'm glad about a US only release
  • ROTFLMAO!!! Wow! Now that was funny!
  • "Is it possible to upgrade to an Ad-Free version?" That made my night lol
  • Hahaha...too funny!
  • G.A.Y.
  • Really? You sound like a 12 year old with that comment.
  • Needs 4.2.6 lol...
  • Can you post a link for us? I can't find this app via search. Is this a late April Fools Joke?
  • This is awesome!!! Now I can delete all the apps I have that I find intrude too much on the ads! There is nothing more frustrating then looking at a really great ad and having a game end closing the ad on you. Or having to sit there for five minutes while the ads randomly cycle to just to catch another glimpse of your favorite one.
    Apple FTW!!!
  • I know it dosnt sound exciting but have you seen an iAd yet?
    It will blow your mind!
    Available in App Store now.(US)
    Hopefully coming downunder soon!
    Ps. Is it iPad 1/2 compat?
    Anyone know?
  • And why would I want an app for just to view Ads? LAME
  • Some ads have interactive elements such as games and puzzles. Last I knew, people liked games and puzzles on occasion.
  • I can't wait! I love ads!!!!
    For those of you unaware, "Movie Previews" is opening this weekend! 90 straight minutes of unadulterated previews!
    Also,if someone released a magazine void of content..and was filled only with advertising...I'd be in heaven.
  • I LOVE IT! haha...Yes, I am a fan of capitalism and I love gadgets. Is there a better combination? I sincerely hope that Steve Jobs will be back for WWDC 2011. More importantly, however, I hope you are O.K. and continue to not just get better but get WELL!
  • Next i'll have to pay extra for a tier on my cable that only shows commercials.
  • People pay extra for HdNet, which has several shows in the vein of "Nothing But Trailers" which, of course, are just ads for movies.
  • Who pays extra for a channel of just trailers? I don't know anyone. But trailer are a hell of a lot more interesting then just commericals and trounce banner ads on a phone. i know of NO person that wants to spend time reading ads on a phone.
  • Now you can't be that foolish. If ads didn't work, they wouldn't be plastered EVERYWHERE. Someone must be reading them!
  • You have to admit, it does seem a bit ridiculous at first, but this is great for those people who enjoy looking through iAds. There was a time when I'd click iAds just to see what it was like, but I could only do that when an iAd actually appeared. Genius idea--I'm sure they're getting paid a good amount of ad revenue through this.
    It's strange and cool to see ads through an artistic perspective.
  • i'll be honest. You're the first person i've ever heard that likes clicking through banner ads. I could understand if it was an app showing the funniest tv commericals released in the last month as voted on by the public. YOu know sort of like the sites showing the super bowl commericals. but the last thing i want is more ads shoved in my space.
    I just spent days adding filters to adblock and adblock plus in mozilla firefox 4 cause its' so annoying.
  • Oh, I don't mean I like clicking through ads or even iAds, but I'm saying I was curious about them once before. Not just because they're ads (or even because they're related to Apple), but more so because of how expensive they were to buy. I forgot the price of advertising through iAds, but it was extremely expensive (I think the price was cut in half recently). And then Apple also has to approve iAds and I believe even helps to develop the ads. There's a huge level or production and coordination behind iAds (a lot more than regular ads) and that's what made it interesting for me in the beginning. That interest has worn off, but I'm sure that there are probably others out there who might be curious.
    And while I find ads just as annoying as any other person (though not enough to compel me to download software to block them), there is something interesting about wanting to show ads much like art. It says one of two things: "we put so much work into these ads that we want to display them for you to see in a special way," or "we're going to make a lot of money from this." I've got a feeling the latter is more relevant.
    In the end, it's a nice thing to have. It's like sugar in tea. It's not necessary, and might not have even been asked for, but it's nice to know we've got the possibility (to see all the iAds) if we want to.
  • i see. well ads are necessary. i don't have a problem with advertising. That's just the way things are. That said. i'm not gonna like it. i just don't remotely need an app for it.
  • FAIL
  • This app has no teeth, Apple should at least charge 99 cents so it fits into their general revenue generation policy LOL
  • Ummm...
  • How did u know that AT&T is selling the 3Gs for $49 ???? Via ads.
    Ads are important !!!!
    Nobody is forced to click on it.
    Also, this can be good for students in that field ....
  • Omg I dreamt about this app, wtf, im'ma download it anyway
  • The extra sad part is that I'll probably check this app at least once a week to see if there are any new ads
  • Sure. Forget wireless syncing. Forget better notification system on the iPhone. Work on this instead. EVERYONE would much rather have this!!! How flippin arrogant has Apple become!?
  • Wow. I heard they were releasing a tweak in Cydia that makes your phone as close to stock as possible.... FAIL
  • I'm pretty excited about it. But I work in advertising, so that's a different story.
  • Seriously?
  • Apple stole my app idea!
  • WTF?
  • I wonder if Apple would have approved this app if someone else had submitted it to the App Store? Will there be copycats?
  • Only one thing could be more exciting than this app.
    Charlie Sheen starring in "Hamlet."
  • The funniest iAd ever, was Dell, yep getting a Dell ad wile on an Apple product. Apple is an equal opportunity ad company. Adds are necessary to help sell things, but there is a thin line between them, and spam.
  • Am I the only one who actually kind of enjoys checking out iAds? They're still more fun than regular ads... Downloaded.
  • I see this app as Apple trying to prove to the analysts that iAd is working. Over the past few days several analysts have lambasted the slow growth of iAds compared since its release to Google/AdMobs results over the same time period.
    Does the lady protest too much?
    Full Disclosure: I own APPL & GOOG shares, and iOS and Android devices.
  • I want to know who at Apple thought of this and said to themselves, "Wow this would be a GREAT idea that everyone would want!" Come on Apple what a joke! Money hungry much?
  • I guess no one ever watches the Superbowl for the creative commercials huh? (I'm not a huge fan of American football. Hockey all way! Go Canucks! :P)
    Being Canadian I don't have access to iAds, but I'm assuming they are generally more creative than regular mobile ads.
  • Exactly! Also, I'm kind of p*ssed that you have to have 4.2.6 or later! ;)
  • iAd Gallery is a celebration of advertising, featuring iAd campaigns from some of the world’s best brands and their advertising agencies
  • I'm amazed that Apple would create a useless App such as this, yet reject cretin Apps such as iBlacklist? Whas in the water over in Cupertino, CA?
  • The only way I could ever find this app useful was if its purpose was to deliver iAds to people who actually want ads on their phone, while those who don't (probably the majority of users) don't have to have any iAds on their phones. Obviously that isn't realistic given Apple's and the app dev's business models, but most people I know want to get rid of ads, not see more of them.
  • Thanks but no thanks...
  • It's magical and revolutionary!!!! It's an ad within an ad. Apple you have to go deeper.
  • You can search for specific ads. That's handy. Maybe you are a consumer who actually wants to learn something about a specific product? Maybe you are a vendor who wants to see what your iAd looks like (or direct people to you iAd) without having to wait for it to come around naturally? Sound idea. And all you whiners — it's not like Apple pre-installs it; or you have to download it; or can't delete it.
  • Hey, iAds aren't ALL bad... I much prefer them to the crappy way Words With Friends handles ads :(
  • Oh, just buy that app already! It's totally worth it.
  • Is this an ad supported app? Cause I hate those... :)