Apple releases iTunes 12.4.1 with VoiceOver fixes and more

Apple has updated iTunes to version 12.4.1 This is a small update that fixes some issues with VoiceOver along with fixing some other bugs.

Here's what's been fixed in iTunes 12.4.1:

  • This update addresses a number of problems where iTunes doesn't work as expected with VoiceOver. It also restores the option to Reset Plays and fixes the following issues:
  • Up Next may have unexpectedly played songs added together in the incorrect order.
  • iTunes was prevented from crossfading between songs.

You can download iTunes 12.4.1 from the Updates section of the Mac App Store.

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  • Among the unlisted fixes: iTunes 12.4.1 also fixes a regression in 12.4.0 where multiple selected tracks or albums wouldn't be added correctly to Up Next from the "Add to Up Next" context menu option. (I know, since I reported a radar on this, which was promptly marked a duplicate.)
  • Alas, "Start Genius" is still missing in 12.4.1. Such a great feature for those of us with large libraries, to just kick it off and see where it'd go. It's still possible to create Genius Playlists, but that eventually makes a mess of playlists. Typically, I'd only save Genius' very best results as a Genius Playlist.
  • Thanks Apple for putting Reset Play Count back into this update.
  • Smart Playlists are still out of order. Is this ever going to be fixed? I've tried everything and nothing will reorder the playlists.