Apple Supplier ResponsibilitySource: Apple

What you need to know

  • Apple has published its Supplier Responsibility report.
  • Sabih Khan, it's Senior Vice President of Operations, published a letter to open the report.
  • Khan detailed the companies efforts to protect their partners.

Today, Apple released an update to its Supplier Responsibility report. As part of the report, Apple's Senior Vice President of Operations Sabih Khan released a letter detailing the company's efforts to keep workers in its supply chain safe during the coronavirus outbreak.

Khan says that the company has worked with all of its partners to ensure workers have the personal protective equipment they need and that factories have cleaned regularly.

"First and foremost, that's meant working with our suppliers around the world on a range of protections suited to the circumstances in each country, including health screenings, limiting density, and ensuring strict adherence to social distancing in their facilities. We're requiring the use of personal protective equipment — both during work and in all common areas — and have worked together to implement enhanced deep cleaning protocols and deploy masks and sanitizers."

The company has also worked to reconfigure the floorplans in its factories as well as offer flexible working hours in order to encourage social distancing.

"Our teams have also partnered with suppliers to redesign and reconfigure factory floorplans where needed and to implement flexible working hours — including staggered work shifts — to maximize interpersonal space. We continue to work closely with leading medical and privacy experts to develop advanced health and safety protocols."

Khan closed the letter by saying that Apple has never been more confident in its work to protect people and the planet.

"While COVID-19 has been an unprecedented challenge, we've also drawn hope and inspiration from humanity's renewed focus on the health of our colleagues, friends, and neighbors. That consciousness — of our health and the health of others — is something we can always carry with us. Our work to protect people and the planet may never be finished — but we've never been more confident that our brightest days are still ahead."

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