Rene with gold 12-inch MacBookSource: iMore

What you need to know

  • Apple prided itself on "customer sat" and the American Customer Satisfaction Index backs that up.
  • Mac and iPad buyers gave Apple an 82% customer satisfaction rating for 2020.
  • Samsung and Acer make up the top three.

Apple is sitting at the top of the pile in terms of computer buyer customer satisfaction, according to a new American Customer Satisfaction Index. The numbers for 2020 have Apple top, just as it was in the same report last year.

With an 82% customer satisfaction rating, Apple saw its figures actually fall from the 83% it managed in 2019. Samsung isn't far away with a figure of 81%, with Acer coming up the rear with 78%. The rest of the big Windows OEM names make up the rest of the list, all with varying degrees of average.

Acsi Computer Customer Sat GraphSource: ACSI

As the ACSI report points out, however, Apple and Samsung are winners in different ways which puts them, ultimately, on a very even footing.

Both Apple and Samsung have shown high and stable customer satisfaction for the past five years—separated by just a point in all but one of those years. Apple continues to beat the field across the entire customer experience, receiving its highest mark for design. Samsung shines when it comes to value, rating best in class among all PC makers.

Apple will be hoping that the 1% fall from 2019's satisfaction figure isn't the start of a slide. With the company launching new Macs with Apple silicon, and the death of the much-maligned scissor-switch keyboard, I'd suggest it'll be just fine in 2021.