Apple renames store in Scotland in solidarity with racial justice efforts

Apple Glasgow
Apple Glasgow (Image credit: 9to5Mac)

What you need to know

  • Apple has renamed Apple Buchanan Street to Apple Glasgow.
  • The move came quietly as calls for streets to be renamed in the city grew.
  • Apple has committed a number of resources to fight for racial equality.

In a quiet move of solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement, Apple has changed the name of one of its retail locations in Scotland. Previously named Apple Buchanan Street, the store is now named Apple Glasgow.

Reported by 9to5Mac, Apple typically only changes the name of a store when it moves or the surrounding area warrants a change. However, it has quietly renamed the store without such changes present. The new name is already present on the store's online page on Apple's website.

"Apple renames stores from time to time, but typically only when a store moves, or the location's surrounding mall changes names. Glasgow's Buchanan Street store hasn't moved and is a standalone location. While Apple hasn't confirmed the reason for the name change, the writing was on the wall — literally."

Buchanan Street had come under fire because the street's name was based on Andrew Buchanan, a plantation owner. A petition to change the name of Buchanan Street, along with other street names in Glasgow, has apparently reached over 26,000 signatures.

"Protests sparked by the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis have spread far beyond the US as countries across the world join deeper conversations about racial justice. Statues of controversial historical figures have been toppled. In Glasgow, activists began renaming streets with names linked to slave trade by installing their own street signs. Buchanan Street, whose namesake was plantation owner Andrew Buchanan, was briefly labeled "George Floyd Street." A petition to permanently change Glasgow street names has gathered over 26,000 signatures."

Apple has committed to fighting racial inequality on a number of fronts, both monetarily and socially, and this latest move is another small step in that effort.

Joe Wituschek

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