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What you need to know

  • Apple's five remaining Italian stores will reopen tomorrow.
  • Apple closed all of its Italian stores as coronavirus swept through the country.
  • This as some countries don't have any open Apple Stores.

Apple will be reopening the last of its closed Italian Apple Stores tomorrow. Five stores will join those that have already reopened as Italy continues to come to grips with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Twitter user @setteBIT was the first to note the reopening stores and we've confirmed as much ourselves. It's good news for Italy, one of the worst-hit regions in terms of COVID-19 infections.

The stores that will reopen tomorrow include:

  • Apple il Leone
  • Apple Piazza Liberty
  • Apple Oriocenter
  • Apple Fiordaliso
  • Apple Carosello

All stores will likely continue the same social distancing methods that other stores have followed since reopening, including ensuring that all visitors wear protective masks when entering the store. The number of people visiting a single store at any one time will also likely be limited to ensure social distancing is possible.

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With all of Italy's Apple Stores now open there are plenty of countries still waiting for even a single store to welcome customers. The UK is one prominent market where all Apple Stores remain closed, although the recent relaxation of rules in the country may allow that to change sooner rather than later.

Apple took the step of closing all of its Apple Stores worldwide at one time or another in an attempt to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. It could be some time before they're all trading again.

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