Apple Store Robina Coronavirus ReopeningSource: @Carly_Madsen

What you need to know

  • Japanese Apple Stores have been closed for months thanks to the pandemic.
  • Some stores internationally have already reopened.
  • Some Japanese stores will follow suit this week.

Apple is planning to reopen some of its Japanese Apple Stores this week, but not all of them. Two locations – stores in Fukuoka and Nagoya Saka – will resume trading on Wednesday, May 27.

There's no indication when the rest of the Apple stores will also reopen, but it's likely to happen soon following the news that Japan's state of emergency has been lifted ahead of schedule. In a move similar to other locations where Apple Stores have reopened, Apple will have safeguards in place including temperature checks as well as a supply of masks for visitors, as noted by Bloomberg.

In a statement confirming the Japan openings, Apple reiterated that stores will require temperature checks at the door, social distancing and the use of masks by customers and staff alike. This is in line with requirements among local Japanese retailers such as Montbell, which turns away customers without face masks.

Apple has already reopened stores in Australia, Austria, Germany, South Korea, and Switzerland. A number of stores have also reopened in Italy and the United States although some remain closed.