Apple responds to Final Cut Pro open letter, here's what it said

Apple Final Cut Mbp
Apple Final Cut Mbp (Image credit: Apple)

What you need to know

  • Creators wrote an open letter to Apple about Final Cut Pro a few weeks ago.
  • Apple actually responded.
  • The company is going to launch new training products, hold consultations, and expand workshops for major productions.

Apple says that it is going to launch new training materials, establish a panel of industry experts, and expand Final Cut Pro workshops in response to a letter asking the company to do more to promote the software in Hollywood. published a response it received from Apple on Wednesday. It reads:

To the authors of the recent open letter regarding Final Cut Pro in the TV and film industry: the creative community has always been so important to us at Apple, and we're grateful for your feedback.There have been many compelling projects created to date with Final Cut Pro — from Hollywood movies and high-profile commercials, to major television shows and impressive work by the biggest names in online content creation.While we believe we have plans in place to help address your important feature requests, we also recognize the need to build on those efforts and work alongside you to help support your film and TV projects and keep you posted on important updates. This includes taking the following steps:Launching new training products and Apple-authorized certifications for pro video starting this month with our partner Future Media Concepts. Establishing a panel of industry experts for regular consultations, starting this summer Expanding the content and frequency of Final Cut Pro workshops for major film and television productions. We would love to work with you to help support your film and TV projects, and we will continue to explore opportunities that allow us to better connect and foster important dialogue with our devoted community of users going forward.

In April, filmmakers wrote a letter to Tim Cook begging the company to promote Final Cut Pro publicly and "add the few remaining features that our industry has consistently stated are needed."

While FCP is one of the best MacBook and desktop filmmaking applications on macOS, users in the letter lamented that they don't have more chances to use it while working on professional film and TV because it is still limited by a few lacking features and a lack of awareness in Hollywood.

The group said it welcomed the response from Apple and said "the middle sentence is the key one for us that indicates it does have plans to implement new features now that we have 'rolled off' the end of the famous ten year roadmap." The group even glimmered with the hope that WWDC 2022 might see an update to Apple's famed video software.

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