What you need to know

  • Apple revealed it is keeping an eye on cryptocurrency.
  • Apple Pay vice president Jennifer Bailey revealed the news in an interview.
  • She also talked about other issues concerning Apple Pay like tipping.

The cryptocurrency fad has significantly died down over the past year, but that hasn't stopped many companies from keeping an eye on it. One of those companies is Apple.

At a recent event, Apple Pay vice president Jennifer Bailey opened up about some of the plans the service has in the works in an interview with CNN. In an interesting turn, she dropped some news that hasn't been readily known, or at least outside of Apple. The company is somewhat interested in cryptocurrency.

Here's what Bailey said:

"We're watching cryptocurrency," Jennifer Bailey, vice president of Apple Pay, recently told CNN's Chief Business Correspondent Christine Romans at a private event in San Francisco. "We think it's interesting. We think it has interesting long-term potential."

This doesn't mean Apple has a special cryptocurrency project in the works, but it does reveal Apple is keep all options open, in particular for the long-term.

Other points Bailey hit are some we've already known about such as the slow Apple Pay adoption in the U.S. and maitanence of the Apple Card, though she also addressed one area that is still an issue for the service: tipping.

"One of the key areas where customers would like us to do more is actually in tipping," said Bailey. So far, tipping isn't the most intuitive function on Apple Pay, but it could be working on ways to make it much more convenient.

Let us know what some of your biggest Apple Pay complaints are down below. Maybe Apple will address them some time in the near future.

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