Epic says that Sign in with Apple for Fortnite will still work after all

Sign in with Apple at WWDC keynote
Sign in with Apple at WWDC keynote (Image credit: Apple)

Update, September 10 (9:00 pm ET): Apple says that it never planned to remove support for Sign in with Apple for Fortnite.

What you need to know

  • Apple is going to keep allowing Fortnite users to Sign in with Apple.
  • Fortnite reports that the company is provided an infinite extension for the feature.
  • It had reportedly planned to end support for the feature as soon as September 11th.

In a tweet sent out from Fortnite's Status account on Twitter, the company has announced that Apple has reversed course on removing Sign in with Apple support for the Fortnite app on iOS. According to Fortnite, Apple has "provided an indefinite extension" for the feature, so players should be able to keep signing in to the app with their Apple ID for the foreseeable future.

UPDATE: Apple previously stated they would terminate "Sign In with Apple" support for Epic Games accounts after Sept 11, 2020, but today provided an indefinite extension. We still recommend you prepare your accounts now for "Sign In with Apple" removal.

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On September 9th, Epic said that Apple would be disabling 'Sign in with Apple' for Fortnite soon. In fact, the company said Apple may remove support for the feature as soon as September 11th.

Apple will no longer allow users to sign into Fortnite using "Sign In with Apple" as soon as September 11, 2020. If you used "Sign In with Apple", please make sure your email and password are up to date.

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The company still recommends that iOS users who still have Fortnite installed should prepare for the feature to be removed from the app.

Update, September 10 (9:00 pm ET) — Apple says that it never planned to remove support for Sign in with Apple for Fortnite.

In a statement to The Verge, Apple said yesterday that it had no plans to remove support for Sign in with Apple for Fortnite.

When reached for comment about yesterday's news, Apple told The Verge that it was not doing anything to stop "Sign In with Apple" accounts from working with Epic Games ... Apple did not immediately reply to a request for comment about today's development.

It would not be surprising if it takes the trial in order to figure out who is telling the truth here.

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  • It's a bit strange this is all being reported as fact. All claims being made about Apple's decisions are coming from Epic's Twitter account. How is that at all credible, when they have significant motivation to make up messaging delivered by Apple?
  • I came here to say this. Apple has flat out denied doing this to Epic even before Epic's tweet about "Apple has reversed course", but even Apple-centric news outlet are reporting what Epic is saying as fact. PLEASE DO MORE RESEARCH BEFORE POSTING ARTICLES.
  • Thank you both for pointing this out. While the article itself stuck to Epic's claims, the title could easily be misunderstood as fact. I've updated the title and also added Apple's statement denying the change.
  • Thank you for the quick response 👍
  • For me, EPIC FAILED. That whinny guy has no more credibility.