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What you need to know

  • Apple is rolling out an improved Siri voice in Germany.
  • Several users have reported noticing that Siri now sounds much more fluid and natural.
  • Apple first debuted its improved Siri with iOS 11.

Users in Germany are reporting that Siri's German-speaking voice appears to have been updated to sound more natural and fluid.

As reported by German outlet iPhone ticker (translated):

Just three years after Apple's software chief Craig Federighi during the presentation of IOS 11 announced that the company's own voice assistant Siri will sound much human future, Apple now seems to delight and German users with new Siri voices.

Federighi demonstrated the more natural voice at the time with an example sentence - here in the video from minute 55:57 - during which Siri emphasized the word "Sunny" in three different ways.

Melodic capacities that have been arriving on iPhone, iPad and HomePod in this country for a few minutes, as several readers report.

A couple of users reported the change in the early hours of Wednesday, one stating:

I noticed this morning that the male Siri voice on my HomePod has been improved. The voice sounds much more fluid and natural, but also overly friendly with a slightly higher pitch. The voice is unchanged on my iOS devices.

Another said:

Good Morning all. Is it just me, or has Siri on the HomePod with the male voice changed sound since today? It sounds extremely melodic, I think.

Apparently, the new pitch isn't to everyone's taste, with one user complaining of voice problems saying "Siri always sounds like helium."

iPhone Ticker also noted the changes, and a YouTube video posted today also seems to record the improved vocals, check it out!