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What you need to know

  • Apple has released a firmware update for its Beats Fit Pro headphones.
  • Firmware update 4B65 was released for the wireless earbuds today.
  • It's unclear exactly what the update does for owners of the headphones.

Apple has released a new firmware update for its Beats Fit Pro wireless earbuds.

Today, the company released firmware update 4B65 for its Beats Fit Pro headphones. Unfortunately, Apple does not release the details of what a firmware update contains so it's impossible to be sure exactly what the update did for owners of the earbuds.

Apple does not currently provide release notes for a firmware release like it does for its operating system updates, so we'll have to wait and see if there are any other noticeable differences between the previous release and this one.

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Firmware updates, while sometimes containing more notable features, are commonly also used for the usual bug fixes and performance improvements.

There is also no way to manually initiate a firmware update for AirPods or Beats. The best thing you can do is keep your headphones near your iPhone and the firmware update should initiate on its own at some point.

The Beats Fit Pro, which Apple released in November, have similar features of the AirPods Pro while being focused on the fitness crowd.

Beats Fit Pro

Beats Fit Pro

Bottom line: Beats Fit Pro offer most of what AirPods Pro do with some added features aimed at keen exercisers. The look and sound great, integrate tightly with Apple devices, and help to block out annoyances with ANC. Outside of a plasticky case and uncomfortable fit for some users, there's not a lot to dislike.

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