Apple is said to be planning a revamp of its accessory displays in its retail locations, one which will offer a cleaner display for Apple's own accessories, while at the same time removing many third-party products from shelves. It seems that these new displays will first appear at Apple's new store on New York City's Upper East Side. The changes should come to other stores next month, according to Macotakara:

Shops will begin ramping up on delivering a more premium feel in July, in a plan to display accessory packages uniformly in white, and increase the overall feeling of uniformity among accessory displays.

If Apple is going for a uniform look for its accessory displays, including uniform white packaging, the company may soon require accessory companies to package their products a certain way if they want to be displayed on Apple Store shelves. Stores will also apparently be reducing the number of products they sell, focusing instead on quality accessories from select third parties. There is no word yet on who will make the cut.

Source: Macotakara