Apple Watch sales training said to focus on the customer's style

Apple is reportedly training its employees to focus on building relationships with customers and making fashion recommendations to get them the right Apple Watch. Apple employees will be going through training that will give them various examples of interactions with customers to help them decide which Apple Watch and band would be best for them.

Apple Watch Sales

Through building a relationship with the customer and better understanding their use of the device, their style and fashion needs it will make the selection process easier. Employees are being instructed to make comments like "the white strap looks great on you" and "you seem to have a fun style. I think the Pink Sport band would match your style perfectly." Apple will also offer various guidelines for making the selection, per 9to5Mac:

  • Make comments about why you think an option is a good choice rather than discussing why an option may not be a good choice.
  • Explain how earlier customers made decisions between models.
  • Use other accessories [already] on a customer as examples for which model would look best.
  • If the customer is with another person, make sure to get the opinion of that person on which model should be purchased.
  • Don't focus on price as a reason to recommend an option because many customers may be willing to spend more for a model that makes them feel good.

Apple wants to take the focus away from the core functionality of the watch, as well as the price point, and focus on how it adds to their current style. Understanding why, and for whom, the watch is being purchased for will also help employees in the decision process. Beginning April 10 Apple will begin allowing customers to try the Apple Watch on in-store, giving people a chance to check it out before placing an order.

The focus on style isn't terribly surprising — we've seen Apple Watch appear on the cover of several fashion magazines over the past few months with little emphasis on the functionality of the smartwatch. The practical differences between the various models of Apple Watch — from the $349 Apple Watch Sport to the mid-tier steel Apple Watch to the range-topping $10,000+ Apple Watch Edition — are minor. The software's the same, the display and battery life are different between the two sizes but otherwise the same across the line, and aside from a more durable display covering and a change in the material of the casing, the physical differences are nil. Why you'd choose one Apple Watch over another is a matter of pricing and how much you're willing to spend — and Apple's apparently hoping that flattering your personal style will get you open your wallet a bit wider.

Source: 9to5Mac

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  • Terrible scenario. I don't remember the last time I saw a server with a $1000 watch. Not to mention, as a server he will be working in an environment where his watch will be exposed to spillage and greases. If he is going to get one, he should opt for a version that will be resilient to that environment, like one with a plastic or leatherette band that is easily cleaned. Just my opinion.
  • Apple has officially lost touch with reality. Seriously?!? A restaurant waiter is going to wear a $1000 watch to work?!? SMH...
  • You don't live in California do you? lol Totally depends on where they work. You'd be amazed at how much a professional server can get in tips at the right locations.
  • I have to imagine that income is contingent upon expense no? Because waiters here in NY can earn what others consider to be an above average gross wage but cost of living offsets that income, making it unrealistic to paint the scenario Apple presents as the typical waiter. Sales training has to prepare sales associates for real world circumstances using techniques that enable them to apply logic and identify root cause/motivation. That scenario does not, IMO accomplish that.
  • So, in other words, Apple is training employees on how to up-sell their customers. Talk them into spending more than they intended to spend on an already overpriced piece of fashion-technology. Great strategy. (all the people who blindly love Apple will think this is a good idea, as they bend over for their Master once again.)
  • Tanya is looking for an Apple watch. She needs a band that will fit extra large wrists. It cannot clash with her Skynyrd shirts or with a Walmart mobility scooter. Resistance to Cheetos dust is imperative. Money is no object, thanks to a settlement from an airborne debris incident at Talladega. Do you: -Recommend the Gold Edition, which matches her baby daddy's Trans Am -Recommend the Apple Watch with steel link band, which pairs nicely with her shotgun -Die a little inside
  • This is amazing.
  • You won this round! Bask in the glory.
  • Hey why stop there?!--go ahead and say it: "white trash"....c'mon, you know you (and your two fawning followers) want to--and remove any doubt about your hateful classist nature. Pathetic.
  • Nice try, pal. I was pointing out the silliness of the scenario in the article. I'd be willing to bet a shiny new quarter that every one of Apple's little vignettes features trendy-looking people who look more like sitcom extras than real members of society. But the truth of the matter is that, just like any other popular electronic item, plenty of classless people will also be buying these things. What version of the Apple Watch looks good with sweatpants? As for your opinion of me being hateful and classist, so be it. I'll gladly admit that I'm tired of watching this country turn into "Idiocracy". It was bad enough to watch shows like Honey BooBoo and Duck Dynasty rise in popularity, now there's an entire faction of politics pandering to people who are all too proud to show off their own ignorance.
  • Nice try, friend. Your reply was a very nice validation of my criticism. But, of course, being a self-appointed arbiter of class and intelligence, you won't be able to see it and will likely continue to use ugly stereotypes of your lessers to pander to people who are all too proud to show off their superiority to make points about silly ads n' such (and, yes, I agree it was rather silly--but so what?! This is new in corporate advertising?!).
  • Ugly stereotypes? You're the one who read a collection of attributes, and came to the conclusion "white trash". Then you proceeded to call me hateful, classist, and pathetic (thus showing your own feelings of superiority), based completely on a single joke posted in a comment thread. But yeah, I'm obviously the bad guy here.
  • The fine print says  watch edition, but the ones he pick out were clearly the 42" stainless steel. Sent from the iMore App
  • Tell me about the watch. Oh it will look great on you. That's nice, but tell me what the watch can do. Well, this one has stainless steel. And a lovely leather band. Or you could opt to upgrade to a metal band. That's not what I meant, what can the watch do? How does it work? Well, you buy one in the style that matches you. I think the SS would look great on you. And later you can get different bands if you prefer to mix it up a bit. Say you're going to work out? Well, these rubber bands are perfect for that. And they come in different colors!
  • Man if nothing else, this is going to turn me and a lot of others into online shoppers! Go dressed according to the watch in which you're interested? Then trust the xx week training course doesn't lead to an awkward moment. In the interest of revenue of course...sheesh! Sent from the iMore App