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What you need to know

  • An issue with Apple card saw AT&T payments mislabeled.
  • Users were seeing payments made to a Texas company called Waters Hardy & Co.
  • Apple says the issue has now been resolved, but Waters continues to be inundated with customer calls.

An issue with Apple Card statements that saw AT&T payments mislabeled as 'Waters Hardy & Co' has been fixed, says Apple.

Earlier this week, mislabeled transactions caused confusion amongst Apple Card users:

Reported by MacRumors, Apple Card users are getting confused when finding a transaction from "Waters, Hardy & Co" on their credit card statement. Oddly enough, it appears that the transactions are actually from AT&T and not an occurrence of widespread fraud.

According to the report, the issue is very new, only starting to show on the transaction history for Apple Card users yesterday. Unfortunately for Waters, Hardy & Co, this mislabeling prompted so many calls to their offices that they had to shut their phone lines down.

According to The Verge, the issue has now been fixed:

Apple tells The Verge that the issue has been resolved and that AT&T transactions won't be labeled as Waters, Hardy & Co. moving forward. The company hasn't answered questions about why the transactions were mislabeled in the first place, though.

However, a report from AppleInsider claims that the 10-person Dallas firm is still being inundated with phone calls, suggesting that there is still confusion amongst customers. Waters told the outlet that as soon as they switched their phone lines back on they were immediately "swamped" with calls. Waters noted that it might take some time for the changes to start showing up on customers statements.

AT&T reportedly told The Verge it was still investigating the issue but hadn't seen any problem processing payments, indicating to AT&T customers that at the very least, their money does seem to be going to right place, even if their Apple Card statement doesn't reflect that just now.