Cork Campus Ireland Team Members Working On Two FloorsSource: Apple

What you need to know

  • Apple is reportedly seeking to expand its Cork operation.
  • A new report says it is looking for an office for up 1,000 people in the city's docklands area.

A new report says Apple is looking to grow its Cork operation in Ireland by adding an office for 1,000 employees in the city's docklands area.

From The Irish Examiner:

CORK'S largest private employer, Apple with 6,000+ workers, has been in the hunt for a significant new office presence in the city's docklands, one capable of holding up to 1,000 staff.

Apple's search was very active up to March of this year, when Covid-19 hit, offices globally were termporarily abandoned and the Apple search in the city - where it has operated since 1980 - hit the 'pause' button.

What level it picks up at again is as-yet uncertain, as companies everywhere reassess their office and space needs, and as 'hybrid' working mixing office and 'work from home' is touted as a new business model.

According to the report Apple's expansion plans were put on hold in March due to COVID-19, but sources indicate that Apple is looking for an office of up to or over 100,000 sq feet to house 1,000 employees coming next year.

The report notes Apple now holds one million square feet of office space and production buildings in Cork. The new office sought after would be in the city's docklands location, where Amazon has recently moved into a similar-sized location. The report says there are several frontrunner locations, the primary focus of Apple at the start of the year was OCP's navigation square on the south quays.

Last month Apple celebrated 40 years of its Cork campus and its community.