Apple settles Powerbeats 2 lawsuit for nearly $10M over defect

Powerbeats (Image credit: Apple)

What you need to know

  • Apple has settled a lawsuit over its Powerbeats 2.
  • It has agreed to pay a total of $9,750,000 dollars over a defect in the product.
  • Owners who bought the product in the U.S. might get a small payout.

Apple has settled a lawsuit over its Powerbeats 2 product for just shy of $10 million, over claims the product had a defect that would cause them to stop working after "mininal usage."

As MacRumors reports:

Plaintiffs alleged that Apple misrepresented the battery life of the Powerbeats 2, and that the Powerbeats 2 were sweat and water resistant. Apple was also accused of not repairing or replacing defective Powerbeats 2 within the one-year warranty period, with the lawsuit initially filed in 2017.

Apple has now agreed to settle the claim by paying out a total of $9.75M, but denies the allegation that it misrepresented the headphones' battery life, and that they were sweat and water resistant. It was also accused of not fulfilling the one-year warranty that came with the product. Members of the class action lawsuit could be entitled to a payout, and the money will be split between all the members of the class.

According to the settlement website:

You may be entitled to settlement benefits if you are a person residing in the United States who purchased Powerbeats 2 earphones not for resale before August 7, 2020.

Anyone who may have bought Powerbeats 2 before August 7 can fill out a claim for settlement on the website. The deadline for such a claim is November 20, 2020. Class members can also write to object to the settlement or to exclude themselves from the settlement by this date. A fairness hearing will take place in January of next year.

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