Apple shares detailed design drawings of iPad mini and 4th generation iPad

Apple has once again decided to make public some highly detailed design drawings this time of the just announced iPad mini and 4th generation iPad. This isn't the first time that Apple has publicly released this type of information; we saw similar dimensioned drawings publicly released for the iPhone 5 too.

In fact, you can now view detailed design drawings for all of the iPod classic range, iPod shuffle, iPod mini, iPod nano as well as all of the iPad models and iPhone models going right back to the originals. The drawings are intended for the use of third party case and accessory manufacturers, the drawings enable them to make accessories that fit exactly and have cut outs for accessory ports and headphone jacks in the right place.

Ensure your cases secure an iPod, iPhone, or iPad without interfering with its operation. Follow the design guidelines and dimensional drawings below when creating your cases.

If you are not a case or accessory designer the drawings are still worth a look. Although they don’t tell us a whole lot more about the iPad mini and 4th generation iPad than we already know they are still interesting to see. You can get access to the complete catalalogue of design drawings for all of the iPod, iPhone and iPad ranges from the link below.

Source: Apple


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