Apple shares how to protect your device and data from abusers and stalkers

iPhone XS Find My app
iPhone XS Find My app (Image credit: iMore)

What you need to know

  • Apple has posted a manual to show people what to do with the data and devices when their personal safety is at risk.
  • The manual is designed to help protect against abusive partners, stalkers, and more.

Reported by MacRumors Apple has created a new manual that users can reference to protect themselves when their personal safety is at risk from an abuser, a stalker, or other people who may want to obtain access to their device and data.

Sommer Panage, who works on accessibility at Apple, posted about the new manual to Twitter.

The Device and Data Access when Personal Safety is At Risk says that it is there to help you understand what kind of data you can and are sharing with others as well as how to make changes to that.

If you'd like to revisit what you share with other people, or restore your device's original settings for any reason, this guide can help you understand what information you are sharing via your Apple devices, and how to make changes to protect your safety. It includes step-by-step instructions on how to remove someone's access to information you've previously granted: from location data on the Find My app, to meetings you've scheduled via Calendar.

It also provides instructions on how to shut down access to people you don't want to have access to your data and devices.

If you're concerned that someone is accessing information you did not share from your Apple device, this guide will also help you identify risks, and walk you through the steps to help make the technology you rely on as private and secure as you want it to be.

The document shows you how to do things like protect your Apple ID, set up your privacy settings, change sharing in the Find My app, and more.

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