Apple shows you how to use iOS 11 on iPad Pro

Apple has released a set of help and how-to videos focused on iOS 11 for iPad. They're short, focused, and fun, and give a real sense of what's coming our way this fall.

How to use the new dock in iOS 11 for iPad

You can add even more apps, open recent files, and drag and drop files using the new spring-loaded Dock.

How to use the new Files app in iOS 11 for iPad

With the new Files app, you can find all your important files in one convenient place. Browse recent files, manage favorites, and even access files from your favorite cloud services.

How to use split view multitasking in iOS 11 for iPad

It's simpler than ever to get productive with multitasking on iPad Pro and iOS 11.

How to scan, sign, and send documents with iOS 11 for iPad

With iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, and the new Notes app, scanning and signing a document has never been easier.

How to use Markup with iOS 11 for iPad

With iOS 11 it's faster and easier to mark up all kinds of things with Apple Pencil and iPad Pro

How to use drag-and-drop with iOS 11 for iPad

Get around iPad quickly with these time-saving gestures.

More on iOS 11 for iPad

For more on iOS 11 check out our preview and full set of ultimate guides.

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