Apple Cork NewSource: Horgan's Quay

What you need to know

  • Apple has a brand new office space in Cork.
  • It will house 350-400 employees in the city's north quay.

Apple has signed a deal to lease a brand new office space in Cork, at the city's north quay.

As reported by The Irish Examiner:

A NEW office development on Cork city's north quay has landed 'the Big Apple' – the Horgan's Quay/HQ development next to Kent rail station has done a deal on over 36,000 sq ft of offices for tech giant Apple, which already employs c 6,000 in the city at two other locations.

In nailing the prestigious deal with Apple, Horgan's Quay developer Clarendon Properties and BAM have pipped competing developers' O'Callaghan Properties' offices scheme Navigation Square, on the opposite side of the Lee on Albert Quay.

According to the report, Apple's deal will initially include enough space for 350-400 employees on the top floor of Horgan's Quay, specifically its No.1 building, described as a "high-spec, energy-efficient" building.

Apple Cork NewSource: Horgan's Quay

Apple's deal, reportedly worth 32 euros per square foot, also includes an option to take up further space in the development. The total size of the property is 90,000 sq ft, and the location also has planning permission for apartments and a hotel. The development reportedly cost around 160 million euros.

As the report notes, Apple was said to be in the hunt for new office spaces in Cork at the start of last year, but efforts were cut short by the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. It later reignited it search, but with smaller ambitions in terms of space.

In November of 2020, Apple celebrated 40 years of its famous Cork campus, which started out as a single manufacturing facility with just 60 employees.