Apple Store targeted with suspicious package that turned out to be... a bag of apples

Bridge Port Store
Bridge Port Store (Image credit: Apple)

What you need to know

  • Apple's Bridgeport Village Store was targeted with a "suspicious package".
  • The shopping complex in Portland was forced to close for three hours.
  • Turns out, the bag was just full of actual Apples.

Apple's Bridgeport Village store in Portland was targeted with a "suspicious package" that turned out to be, well, a bag of apples.

As reported by Portland Tribune:

Tualatin police shut down the Bridgeport Village shopping complex for three hours Tuesday morning after employees at the Apple Store found a message inscribed on a store window and an accompanying suspicious package. Sgt. Nate Cooper of the Tualatin Police Department said someone had written on the front window, "Timmy, close the back door," possibly a reference to Apple CEO Tim Cook. An arrow pointed down to a bag left outside the store, which was closed and locked because of the COVID-19 pandemic but had employees working in the back.

Portland Police Bureau's bomb squad attended the scene. Sgt. Cooper said that the package was suspicious "at the outset", however it turned out that the bag was just full of apples, red ones if you must know:

"At the outset, it was a suspicious package but it turned out there were just (red) apples left inside of it," said Cooper. "Apparently, what we're assuming, is that she was trying to make a statement to Apple themselves."

The lady suspected of leaving the package was tracked down, where it was found that she sadly had "some mental issues" and did not want to talk about the incident. Citations were issued for criminal mischief and disorderly conduct. Because of COVID-19, the Bridgeport Village shopping area was quiet, and the Apple store itself was closed, although employees were present and working in the store. The complex was closed for about three hours.

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