Apple Store in Zurich relocating on August 31

What you need to know

  • The Apple Store in Zurich is being relocated from Bahnhofstrasse to Rennweg 43.
  • The relocated store will open its doors on August 31.
  • The new location is described as smaller and less central.

The Apple Store in Zurich, Switzerland, is being relocated from Bahnhofstrasse 77 to Rennweg 43, Apple said. The relocated store is expected to open its doors on August 31.

The new location is around the corner from Bahnhofstrasse, so customers won't be too put out by the move. This is one of two stores Apple has in Zurich; it also has stores in Basel and Geneva.

According to reports, Apple's new spot at Rennweg 43 is smaller and less central compared to the store's old location—but it's also described as charming.

As 9to5Mac notes, the new location of Apple's Zurich store was once home to Franz Carl Weber, a renowned Swiss toy retailer.

The sudden move might be due to a tenant dispute, which has led to expiring leases and rising rents. Apple may have removed itself from that situation by finding a home at Rennwed 43; it's unclear if the new spot will be permanent or temporary while Apple searches for a larger space.

Brandon Russell