Apple Stores will help you fit the new Solo and Braided Solo Loop band

Solo Band Sizes
Solo Band Sizes (Image credit: 9to5Mac)

What you need to know

  • The new Solo Loop and Braided Solo Loop have hit Apple Stores.
  • Each new band is offered in a number of sizes to perfectly fit your wrist.
  • Stores are offering personalized shopping to make sure you find the right fit.

Reported by 9to5Mac, some Apple Stores are offering personalized sizing for those who are interested in purchasing one on the new Solo Loop or Braided Solo Loop bands for their Apple Watch.

In addition to the Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Watch SE both going on sale in Apple Stores today, some stores are also beginning to stock the new Solo Loop and Braided Solo Loop bands. These new bands come in a range of sizes made to fit perfectly around your wrist, so stores have a way of making sure that you get the right size.

While inventory and display selection may vary by location, most Apple Stores now offer a full range of Solo Loop and Braided Solo Loop bands to try on. With the pandemic changing the nature of in-store shopping, Apple has simplified Apple Watch Studio, displaying only bands without watch cases in a small number of trays.

According to the report, you can make an appointment at your local Apple Store to schedule a try-on. Apple is currently using single-use measurement tools, due to the pandemic, that ensure you get the right fit.

Make an appointment to Shop with a Specialist, and you'll be guided to the Apple Watch table. Apple has created a higher quality version of its online sizing guide to determine which Solo Loop band is right for you. The sizing guides are individually packaged, recyclable, and single-use for health and safety purposes. A reusable blue silicone version of the sizing guide will eventually replace the disposable items.

Employees seem to be recommending that people get a band two sizes smaller than what the guide recommends, and at least for Michael Steeber, the author behind 9to5Mac's coverage, that worked out perfectly for him.

Sizing Guide Wrist

Sizing Guide Wrist (Image credit: 9to5Mac)

Each guide has a small adhesive sticker that attaches to your wrist where you'd normally rest the Apple Watch optical sensor. A Specialist will guide you through the sizing process from across the table and find the right band for you. The Specialist I spoke with told me that bands tend to run large, and recommended trying an option two sizes smaller than the guide indicated. It was a perfect fit. All of the surfaces customers touch are cleaned after appointments.

If your local Apple Store is currently out of stock of the band you are looking for, you can order both new bands online. Ship times currently vary between the type, color, and size of the band that you need. Apple has provided the ability to print out its measurement tool at home so you can make sure to order the right size yourself.

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