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What you need to know

  • Apple has suddenly increased the price of its Beats Flex earbuds.
  • The earbuds saw a $20 jump from $49 to $69 in the United States.
  • The price has increased in other countries as well.

If you've been holding off on buying a pair of Beats Flex headphones, the price has just gone up.

As reported by Mac Magazine, Apple has suddenly and quietly increased the price of its most affordable Beats earbuds without any explanation for the increase. According to the report, the price increase has affected the earbuds in a number of countries.

Strangely, as MacMagazine found firsthand, in recent days the price of headphones has risen both in the US and Brazil.

It is now being marketed for $70 out there, that is, a 40% increase. In Brazil, of course, he also followed this increase: now it is R$900, an increase of 55% over the old price.

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The Beats Flex have always sold for $49 in the United States since their release in 2020, but they are now priced at $69. The earbuds, despite being about $100 cheaper than AirPods, still sport great battery life and Apple's W1 chip for easy pairing and switching between the company's devices.

While it is currently unclear exactly why the earbuds have experienced a price hike, many have already taken to guessing. Apple isn't known for increasing the prices of a product that has already been released. Perhaps the most reasonable guess so far is that it has something to do with the ongoing chip shortage and that, due to scarce resources and rising costs, the company has had to adjust the price in order to keep the product profitable.

Despite the price increase, the Beats Flex are still the most affordable and one of the best values you can get for headphones with Apple tech stuffed inside.

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Beats Flex

Bottom line: Though the sound quality leaves much to be desired, these $50 headphones give you all the convenience of Apple headphones that are $200 more expensive.

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