Apple sued over iPad mini 6 jelly scrolling

Ipad Mini 6 Review Hero
Ipad Mini 6 Review Hero (Image credit: Adam Oram / iMore)

What you need to know

  • Apple is being sued over 'jelly scrolling' on its iPad mini 6.
  • A Colorado resident says Apple's mini tablet is defective, and that Apple has misled consumers.
  • He is seeking damages on behalf of everyone who bought one in the U.S.

A Colorado resident has sued Apple over claims that its iPad mini 6 is defective because of a 'jelly scrolling' issue with the tablet's display.

In a court filing Wednesday spotted by MacRumors, Christopher Bryan launched his action against the company over the iPad mini 6. While the device is considered one of Apple's best iPads in recent years it has been marred by a defect that causes the screen to wobble, an issue Apple says is "normal behavior."

The action states:

This action is brought on behalf of purchasers of Apple's iPad Mini 6. Apple markets and sells the iPad Mini 6 as a premium tablet, debuting on September 14, 2021, with sales beginning on September 24, 2021, at a weighty price tag of $499 for the 64 gigabyte ("GB") version and $649 for the 256GB version. But the iPad Mini is defective, as the liquid crystal display ("LCD") is prone to "screen tearing which can make images or text on one side of the screen appear to be tilted at a downward angle because of incongruity in refresh rates," causing "one side of the screen [to] look[] as if it's responding faster than the other side, which creates [a] visual disturbance" called "jelly scrolling" that Apple has acknowledged1 (the "Jelly Scroll Defect" or "Defect")

The suit notes a multitude of complaints about the issue on Amazon review pages and online forums. The suit goes on to say that Apple's actions are unlawful because it acted " in an unethical, unscrupulous, outrageous, oppressive, and substantially injurious manner", promoting devices it knew to be defective and selling them against customer expectations that this would not occur. It also claims Apple failed to test the device properly before launch and seeks damages on behalf of everyone in the U.S. who bought the device.

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